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Registration Dates & Links for the
STR Certification Course
and Seminar Class

Current and Upcoming STR Course and Seminar Sessions:

Online STR Certification Course






You can enter the online class at any time during the current

course window and study at your own pace from any location in the world that has internet access. You can complete the course in a few days of more intense study, or you can take several weeks at a more leisurely pace. 

Registration is open now. Coursework must be completed during this generous course session timeframe. This online class is hosted through Utah Tech University, and the course qualifies for all cities and counties that have approved the STR Certification Course for their STR education requirement. You can register by clicking the white date box above or using the link to access the University's registration page:

Please watch for live class dates and locations as the universities refresh their schedules. (And City sites may have links to specialized education for their area). There are also semester courses in universities within degree programs.

If you need a unique course for your area or organization, please contact Julie at 702-755-6881 or send an email to 

The New Self-Study Online Course Session for STR Certification is open for registration!
It will be open for enrollment and self-study course completion until December 11, 2024.
The flexible enrollment online course sessions allow students to enter the course anytime
and then complete it at their own pace within the course session.

Learn how to:

  • Apply Proven STR Best Practices

  • Know  STR Laws & Restrictions

  • Gain More Profitable Reservations

  • Develop Better Guests Stays

  • Get Your Neighbors to Support You

  • Reduce Problems and Liability 

  • Employ Productive Teams

  • . . . and More!

We don't have any open enrollment live classes scheduled at this time.

(The online STR Certification Course is always available)

Click the 
seminar session dates
to be directed to the

university registration page

For help with the online course, call  Julie at 702-755-6881

Versions of the STR Certification Course include:
2-Day Live Course,
Online Flexible Enrollment
Self-Study e-course,
Hybrid Live and Online 2-day Course, an

2-day Afternoon to Evening Class

Seminar Courses (not certification) include:
Online 4-hour Vacation Rental Governance Seminar
3-hour STR Industry Laws & Financial Best Practices Seminar
City-Approved Local Ordinance and Tax Seminars
1 Hour Short-Term Rental Basics Seminar

Man Working from Home
Students and Teacher in Classroom

The registration fees are set by the university, college, or host organization (offering the course through accredited educational institutions and respected non-profit organizations has kept the tuition low). This valuable training and STR Certification usually costs less than you will earn from a short guest stay (only $295 - $550 per student for tuition, ebook, certification review, and fees for the course, depending upon the sponsor, course version, and location).

The seminars usually cost from only $75 - $145, depending upon the location and host university or organization. Sometimes lunch is provided, along with local discounts for valued services and products.

A note about registration for courses: The certification course and seminars are offered through universities and host associations (that usually set the tuition rates and handle registration links and payments). If a student registers for a limited seating class and then wants to change dates or cancel the registration, there will be change fees, or in most cases, a refund will not be allowed. If a student enters the online course, there will be no refund if the student doesn't finish or pass it. We need to be fair to the host organizations and the other students.


If you don't see a course date that fits your needs, please call Julie at 702-755-6881 or send an email to

About the Course

The STR Certification Course has been approved through

Accredited Higher Education Institutions, Real Estate Divisions, and Cities. We don't accept sponsors or make endorsements. This keeps the content secure.


Course graduates can use the Certification Seal to show that they have taken their STR knowledge to a professional level.

Registration is handled through colleges and universities, so you usually need to create a student account and register within their system.

We also list other continuing education opportunities, so please check this site often to find resources for increasing your STR knowledge and connections.

(see This page and the 

Events & Promotions page).

It's about trust-worthy education

for an emerging industry.

Please check out the

About section

for more information

about the courses, instructors,

and reviews from course graduates!

Thousands of students have completed this course, hosting STRs, inns, boutique resorts, and other lodging units in dozens of Countries, including 

throughout the USA.


Cities requiring STR education (along with other reasonable STR regulations)

are experiencing


better code compliance,

fewer neighborhood disruptions, slower STR growth,

increased tax remittance,

and stronger code enforcement.

Quality education is making a positive difference for communities and hosts!

Information about the STR Certification Course
and Seminar Classes

The STR Certification Course is offered through Universities in many US States
and Internationally.

We appreciate Higher Education Officials for recognizing the community's need for quality education for this emerging industry by offering the course at a low tuition rate and in multiple locations and dates.

If you want to explore having a course or seminar offered in your city, please contact Julie at 702-755-6881 or

The course began at the request of the City of Las Vegas in 2016, and our first session was offered at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) campus. Hosts and managers from many countries and from across the USA traveled to Las Vegas to attend the course.


Other colleges, universities, associations, and cities asked for live courses in their locations---and the course became global in scope and availability. After all, core best practices apply to hosting guests in any city.

Now with the e-course option, students have the flexibility to complete the course from nearly anywhere in the world. Of all the universities and colleges that asked to host the e-course, UTU (DSU) agreed to allow for flexible enrollment, so they are the hub for the online class.


A growing number of universities are adding a longer version of the course to Hospitality and Business Management Degree Programs. The textbook, Vacation Rental Management 411 is also being used in other

for-credit University semester classes.


We host live in-person class sessions in many locations and post the registration links for classes open for general enrollment on this page. Some classes are only offered to specific city license applicants or members of associations that privately share the registration links. Some Real Estate Commissions have approved RE CE for the courses and list dates on their sites, too.

There are a variety of course versions available.


As word has spread about this course and the positive effect quality STR education can have on code compliance and enforcement, more cities are requiring education for STR permit applicants.


Statistics and case studies are proving that quality STR education is saving staff time and helping to increase code compliance. There are fewer neighborhood disruptions, and more officials and community residents appreciate the benefits of having STRs in the community. More tax revenue is remitted, and having all lodging guests pay transient lodging taxes 'levels the playing field' for all lodging properties. Hosts who understand and apply best practices to their STR property management, working within reasonable regulations, run better small businesses within the community.

In some cities and counties, officials requested a 4-hour class similar to the STR Governance Seminar and a quiz designed in cooperation with local government officials. We offer live classes and an online equivalent seminar for their license applicants.

However, most cities require the entire 2-day class or online equivalent because they see the need for more comprehensive education about management best practices. In some cases, we've also been asked to develop specialized quizzes that help students find answers to questions about the ordinances and standards.

In cities where the course is mandated for all license/permit applicants and their local emergency contact or manager, some students start the class begrudgingly since they may think they already know enough. Soon they discover that this industry is much more complicated than they thought----and implementing STR best practices can enhance profitability while reducing liability.

Another benefit of the class is that students meet other professionals, learn from them, and build valuable networks that benefit their businesses. As instructors, we learn from students in each class session.

Even with the mandates, the STR Certification Course sessions and Seminars consistently receive Excellent reviews from students for content and presentation. We must be doing something right!

We invite you to join us for the next course session!

The STR Certification Course is offered at many universities, colleges, real estate divisions and firms,  associations, and through Cities throughout the USA and Internationally.

Conferences, Networking Events, & Continuing Education

When we hear about upcoming conferences, meetings, networking events, and courses, we'll list them on the Events & Promotions page and the Links/Articles page

These events may or may not be courses offered through colleges or as part of the STR Certification Course.


These pages offer resources for continuing education and networking.

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