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The STR Certification Course is only offered through Accredited Higher Education Institutions. The Certification Seal is used by course graduates to show that they have taken their STR knowledge to a professional level. Registration is handled through the colleges and universities, so you first need to create a student account and then register within their system.

It's about quality education for an emerging industry.

We also list other continuing education opportunities so please check this site often to find resources for increasing your STR knowledge and connections (see Events & Promotions page).

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We may be able to schedule special sessions in your location on available dates. We just need a minimum of 20 students to create a special course date in your area.

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Certification Courses

for STR Professionals

within Accredited

Higher Education Settings


Colleges and universities have recognized the community need for this course. That's why it's offered at a low tuition cost and in several locations.

Several municipalities are requiring STR license applicants to complete education and this course is often their approved educational program. Students can take the course from any of the locations (live or online) to qualify for the approved STR Certification.

Real Estate Commissions recognize that short-term rental laws and practices are markedly different from long-term rental laws and practices. Realtors working with investors need to understand where STRs are permitted. The live course session qualifies for Utah, Nevada, and Florida RE CE. 

The e-Course versions of the STR Certification Course

There are several versions of the normally 2-day STR Certification Course. Each online course version is different. The CSN-hosted version includes nine modules that students must complete over two weeks at their own pace which include lectures, textbook reading assignments, course assignments, discussion board exercises, quizzes, and the final examination.

The 2-day live e-course version holds lectures and quizzes through an online interactive platform such as ZOOM or Big Blue Button. Students must attend the full 2-days, with video connection, and complete the final examination through the learning management system. Sessions will be offered through DSU, UVU, TMCC, and CSN.

The 2-week self study course version through DSU offers online lectures, ZOOM discussion sessions, assignments, quizzes, and the final examination.

Watch for more dates as the universities and colleges add new classes to their 2020 and 2021 Semester Calendars.

Over a dozen colleges and universities have offered the STR Certification Course either in the 2-day version or as a semester-long course within a degree program.


We appreciate higher education for recognizing the community need for quality education for this emerging industry by offering the course at a low tuition rate and in multiple locations and dates.

If you want a course session at your local college or university, contact Julie at 702-755-6881 or

The course began with our first session being at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) in February 2018. Hosts and managers from many countries and from across the USA have traveled to Las Vegas and now to other cities to attend the course. With the e-course versions, students have the flexibility to complete the course from nearly anywhere in the world. We are pleased to make this course accessible through different e-course versions and live sessions.

See below for more information about some of our college and university hosts for this course.

Dixie State University (DSU)

in St. George, Utah

​If you are a Utah realtor who needs CE or if you simply want to take the course, please let Julie know by calling 702-755-6881 or send an email to

Two-Day Live Course Session in St. George, Hurricane, or Kanab, Utah; or e-course Sessions (live and self-study)

Watch for additional 2020 STR Course Dates

and see Events & Promotions for more

Hospitality and Tourism Continuing Education courses

through the

Greater Zion Hospitality Institute at DSU.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN)

Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada

NOTE: This is the approved course for the City of Henderson STVR Registration education/certification requirement and other municipalities. (Applicants need to complete the course before submitting the registration application, so please register for the first available course date. We will add more dates as needed. Please call Julie at 702-755-6881 or email to to be placed on the list. The course can be completed through any of the STR Certification Course locations.)

With COVID-19 Closures, CSN is in the process of evaluating live or online courses and will add more course dates soon.

There are online course sessions available at other universities that qualify for City STVR Registration and Licensing Requirements.

Please check this site and contact Julie at 702-755-6881 or

Nevada Realtors, please ask about possible 9 Property Management and 3 General CE, as well as Utah or Florida CE.

Utah Valley University (UVU)

in Orem, Utah

​If you are a Utah realtor who needs CE or if you simply want to take the course before July, please let Julie know by calling 702-755-6881 or send an email to

(this course session may be held online)

(click the date for the link to UVU registration)

Watch for more 2020 class dates

UVU is offering the semester version of Vacation Rental Management 411 in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 semesters as part of their Hospitality Management Degree program.

If you encounter problems or have questions, please contact Julie at (702) 755-6881 or contact UVU at (801) 863-8012

And Utah Realtors, please ask about Utah CE (10 CORE CE).

Watch for upcoming course dates through Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) in  Reno, Nevada

Quality Education can open doors

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