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STR Certification Course

As classrooms open, we will resume all  versions of the course:
2-Day Live Course,
Flexible Enrollment Self-Study e-course

Hybrid Live and Online 2-day Course, and 
2-day Afternoon to Evening Class

(and watch for the 4-hour Vacation Rental Governance Seminar)

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Please click on the desired date/session (the white boxes) to be directed to the university registration page (if you don't see an option that currently works for you, visit this site again later since dates are added as the universities approve them). All of the following course dates/course versions qualify for the education requirement for City STVR registrations and licensing.

 With flexible enrollment, you can start the Course today! (or register for an upcoming live class)

Students can enter the virtual classroom any time throughout the course window, completing work in a few days or over several weeks (working at their own pace). Registration is now open. This session began on 8/9/22, and open enrollment will extend until 11/30/22. All coursework will need to be completed before 12/7/2022. This is hosted through Utah Tech University (formerly DSU and the course qualifies for all of the cities that approve the STR Certification Course for their education requirement. You can register by clicking the white date box above or using this link to access the Learning Stream registration page:

Please watch for more dates and locations as the universities refresh their schedules (and classrooms open). We're anxious to resume our live classes, too, when closures are lifted.

NOTE: We usually offer several live classes each month using various versions and at several universities and colleges (before the pandemic classroom closures). But the online self-study option allows students to enter the e-course at any time and complete it at their own pace.

Please contact Julie at 702-755-6881 or send an email to if you need a unique course session for your area or organization. If you have a group that wants a special session, please let Julie know.

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Click the white boxes with the course session dates to be directed to the university registration page

For the online course, call UT (DSU) at (435) 652-7675

or Julie at 702-755-6881

The cost is set by the university, college, or host organization (offering the course through accredited education institutions and respected non-profit organizations has kept the tuition low).

This valuable training usually costs less than you will earn from a short guest stay ($275 - $550 per student for tuition, ebook, certification review, and fees for the course, depending upon the spponsor, course version, and location).


If you don't see a course date that fits your needs, please call Julie at 702-755-6881 or send an email to 

Due to COVID-19 classroom closures, we are offering the online flexible enrollment course. As classrooms open, we will add dates for live 2-day classes. If a live 2-day online course is your preference, please contact Julie to be notified when we have enough students to hold a live course session in your area.

About the Course

The STR Certification Course is offered through Accredited Higher Education Institutions. The Certification Seal is used by course graduates to show that they have taken their STR knowledge to a professional level. Registration is handled through the colleges and universities, so you first need to create a student account and then register within their system.

It's about quality education for an emerging industry.

We also list other continuing education opportunities so please check this site often to find resources for increasing your STR knowledge and connections (see Events & Promotions page).

See New Courses, such as Gold Standard Guest Service

and Enhanced Housekeeping Procedures

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Continuing Education Courses

Special Course Sessions

We may be able to schedule special sessions in your location on available dates. We just need a minimum of 20 students to create a special course date in your area.

And there are more Continuing Education opportunities, Events, and Conferences are listed on the 

Events & Promotions page..

See the About section of this site for more information about the course, instructors, and reviews from course graduates!

Certification Courses

for STR Professionals

within Accredited

Higher Education Settings in many States


Colleges and universities have recognized the community need for this course. That's why it's offered at a low tuition cost and in several locations. (Some universities only allow listing of courses with active dates for professional courses, so please watch for upcoming dates).

Several municipalities are requiring STR license applicants to complete education and this course is consistently an approved educational program. Students can take the course from any of the locations (live or online) to qualify for the approved STR Certification.

Real Estate Commissions recognize that short-term rental laws and practices are markedly different from long-term rental laws and practices. Realtors working with investors need to understand where STRs are permitted. The live course session has qualified RE CE in several states. 

The e-Course versions of the STR Certification Course

There are several online versions of the STR Certification Course (equivalent to the 2-days of live instruction in university classrooms). Each online course version is different. The online version includes modules that students must complete over a few days or a few weeks at their own pace which include lectures, textbook reading assignments, course assignments, discussion board exercises, quizzes, and the final examination.

The flexible enrollment self-study course version through UTU (DSU) offers online lectures, ZOOM discussion sessions, assignments, quizzes, and the final examination.

Watch for more dates as the universities and colleges add new classes to their 2022 and 2023 Semester Calendars.

Information about some  featured Colleges and Universities
This course is offered through Universities
in many US States and Internationally

We appreciate higher education for recognizing the community's need for quality education for this emerging industry by offering the course at a low tuition rate, in multiple locations and dates.

If you want a course session at your local college or university, contact Julie at 702-755-6881 or

The course began in the City of Las Vegas in 2016 and our first session was offered at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) campus. Hosts and managers from many countries and from across the USA traveled to Las Vegas and then to other cities to attend the course. With the e-course versions, students have the flexibility to complete the course from nearly anywhere in the world. With a change in CSN leadership and the COVID-19 challenges, this course is not currently offered through CSN (other universities are offering better tuition rates and support for students).

We offer classes in varied locations. We post the registration links for classes open for general enrollment on this page. Some classes are only offered to university students or members of associations that share the registration links. Some real Estate Commissions have approved RE CE.


 As word has spread about this course and as more cities require education for STR permit applicants,  this course was requested in other locations. It's now offered through over a dozen universities and colleges and also it's also sponsored by Real Estate Associations, Divisions, and Municipalities. 

Some of the courses are two-day live classes, such as upcoming sessions in Nevada, Florida, Utah, Texas, Arizona, and other states. It's currently sponsored by UNR, TMCC, UVU, UTU (DSU), UCF, and other colleges and universities. A variety of course versions are available.

For example, UNR (the University of Nevada Reno) offers a HyFlex version which combines a live class in a high-tech classroom allowing remote students to join in the live class through a virtual link.

DSU (Dixie State University, soon to be Utah Technical University, UTU) responded to the needs of this industry and students by offering  a Flexible Enrollment Online Course within a longer course window.  Students can enter the Online course at any time during the course session and complete it at their own pace (in a few days or several weeks). Students have completed the e-course from nearly every US state and many countries.

And there is also a semester-long course offered for credit within several University Hospitality Management and Business Management degree programs.

Municipal leaders and Real Estate Associations have asked for a shorter seminar course just covering the essential laws and best practices which is offered as a seminar.

The STR Certification Course is offered at many universities, colleges, real estate associations, and through Cities throughout the USA and internationally

(as stand-alone training and in conjunction with conferences)

Conferences, Networking Events, & Continuing Education

When we hear about upcoming conferences, meetings, networking events, and courses, we'll list them on the Events & Promotions page. 

These may or may not be courses offered through colleges or as part of the STR Certification Course.


This is about resources for continuing education and networking.