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What Can We Do About COVID-19?

 Our world has changed from the effects of a highly-contagious virus. Who could have predicted that our businesses, schools, and services would be closed? And we can't predict what the short-term and long-term effects will be as businesses open. It won't likely be "business as usual."


Here are some links to tips, articles, guidelines, and products that may help you prepare for opening, deal with the new challenges and opportunities, respond to recommendations and mandates, and help you, your team, and your guests stay healthy. We want to avoid future waves of virus-inspired crisis situations.


Study the best practices from leaders in cleaning and disinfection. Use proper chemicals and dilution ratios. Give products time to work. Use procedures and products that will best help you protect yourself, your team, and your guests.

                    Each Button has a link to an article, graphic, video, or site with more resources. 

( and here's a bit of humor amid the facts)

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting TIPS

As our businesses open, we need to use caution through our actions and use of best practices to ensure the safety of our STR teams and guests.

Here are some links and tools that may help. You need to choose the procedures and products most appropriate for your location, property, team, and market (along with regulations and government mandates).

Some of the resources are the extreme measures we use in high-risk health care settings, but it's good to compare practices to know what to apply to your situation.


Along with procedures, the products we use can make a positive difference.

Some people are advocating for severe time buffers, but infection control professionals see the error in this thinking.


Use appropriate protection and cleaning tools for your STR. 

Example Posters and Info About Infection Control

Here are some graphics and training resources that you may want to study. Some are free to use as is; others may require permission from the source. 

Municipal Highlights:

The City of Henderson, Nevada

The City of Henderson, Nevada passed an ordinance for processing registration applicants for homeowners who wish to host their home to guests for short stays.


City of Henderson STVR Registration has been online as of 11/12/19.

The City will update the regulations (as planned). In August, the City of Henderson announced a 90-day moratorium prohibiting the registration of short-term vacation rentals.

Here are links to the draft proposed regulations, instructions, and a form for public comment. 









This is part of the process they announced when the regulations were passed, but there have been fewer registrations than listings and neighbor complaints about registered and non-registered STVRs. 

See the City of Henderson Short-Term Vacation Rental Frequently Asked Question page for up-to-date information and links to download the ordinances and forms.


The tips tab includes information that City officials shared to help you complete your application and mistakes to avoid.

The City of North Las Vegas, Nevada

Here are the draft regulations and information released for review and comment. The City says that they plan to discuss and present in upcoming meetings, then vote on the final draft of their ordinances at their October City Council meeting. Here are links to the documents:

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada officials searched for trustworthy education about the Vacation Home/Short-Term Rental industry and found a lot of dangerously bad information in webinars and blogs---but no courses about laws and best practices.

Council Members asked Julie Davies if she would write a course, and she did. Most of their permit applicants have been required or strongly encouraged to take the STR Certification Course because they've noticed a positive difference in course graduates.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman said: “Often the most complicated of issues unravel unless a new course is achieved through education and open communication. Once everyone is educated on an issue and is willing to discuss it rationally, a compromise can be found.

The City is working on refining their regulations. Here is a link to their information:

Social Media and Websites

Here are some social media links and websites that have caught our attention:

On Facebook (click to access the link to the page):

Short Term Rental Certification

Vegas Vacation Rentals

New to Short Term Rental, Airbnb, and Hosting

For Articles and Links to Industry News:

(Note: the information shared on this page may be from sources outside of this site. We may or may not agree with everything within their sites and articles. This isn't an endorsement and we receive no payments for listing the links. This is about sharing information).

The Distinguished Guest


Rent Responsibly

Solution Inc. blog about technology (see the article regarding the VRMA conference)

NoiseAware blog The Big 5 Don'ts for Short Term Rentals


We appreciate associations have officers and members who have graduated from the STR Certification Course!

Nevada Vacation Rental Professionals (NVRP)

this is the Nevada Affiliate of the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA)

see or contact Paula at

Vegas Vacation Rental Association (VVRA)

see or call Annette at 714-396-2912

National Association of Residental Property Managers (NARPM), Southern Nevada Chapter


Utah Vacation Rental Management Association (UVRMA)

Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA)

Rent Responsibly

Ordinance Drafts for Municipalities to Review

We are often asked if there are example STR ordinances that create the best code compliance and less disruption to a community. It's difficult to cite specific ordinances because each community is different, along with the existing laws the municipality must consider and work within. But our research has shown that certain ordinance components provide a better chance of success than others. The following links were shared with some STR advocates for feedback and here is the draft list that we share:

The main formula for STR Governance Success includes:

  • reasonable regulations with components that are appropriate for the unique area

  • a clear and expeditious path to licensing (with reasonable fees long with ample zoning and available permits to fill STR demand with legal STR reservations)

  • quality STR education (the STR Certification Course gives hosts answers and tips that can save the City staff time and help hosts be code-compliant and successful)

  • clear definitions for types of businesses allowed and length of stays defined as STR. Regulations should be consistent with other applicable code.

  • Consistent and sure code enforcement (it can't just be a "barking dog;" the ordinance needs to have "sharp teeth." We are working on sample enforcement code components, too)

Conferences and Networking Events

See Events & Promotions page for a calendar of upcoming events, continuing education opportunities, and more!

Association and Event Lists

Rent Responsibly has put together a list of STR-focused associations in many states. It's important to do your own research into the association before you join (what is the mission and the role within the community; who are the officers and members; what are the dues and obligations for membership; what have the accomplished and what issues or projects are they currently working on; do you agree with their core values and purpose; etc.)

Quality Education can open doors

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