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Events, CE, and Promotions

This section is about events, Continuing Education opportunities, and special promotional offers we can share.

(We're still working on this page. For links to STR Certification Courses, please visit the STR Course Date Page. For links to city and STR regulation information, associations, articles of interest, and websites, please visit the Links/Articles Page on this site).


More courses are offered and others are in development.

Conferences, Continuing Education,
and Networking Events
(see the STR Course Dates page for STR course information and links)


Nevada Vacation Rental Professionals
(NVRP) Meetings

are usually held on the
Third Wednesday* each mont
h at 6 pm
(the location varies). 

The NVRP offers great opportunities for professionals to network, learn, and enjoy an evening of good food, drinks, conversations, and friends.

RSVP: for the location, ZOOM link, and details.
or visit
The Calendar is a work in progress (okay, it's shamefully dysfunctional) after the pandemic-related closures and restrictions.
We'll update it soon.
Other Education Resources
There are more seminars and short courses available in varied locations!

The following seminars and courses are offered as degree program courses, CE seminars, or conference sessions. 


For information, please contact 

Julie at 702-755-6881 or


Emerging Destinations

This seminar course was designed for tourism destinations that experienced changes (or areas that suddenly became sought-after destinations) post-pandemic. Even established tourism meccas have had to pivot their offerings in this new world. This is offered as a semester-long university for-credit course. It's also offered as a 4-hour seminar, usually sponsored by officials and tourism bureaus. 

Service Gold

This is a 4-hour Certification Course (normally $95 tuition includes instruction, AHLEI student manual, and certification exam for the online course. The live full-day class is normally $295 per student).  

Guest Service Gold is a certification course through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) that reviews seven key elements in providing excellent customer service. This online course version has recorded lectures, videos featuring industry professionals, exercises, a certification exam, and a workbook (and successful course graduates will receive a certificate, designation, and lapel pin). 


Watch for future dates for this and more courses, such as:

Career Ready! is a 4-hour course that helps professionals evaluate their career path and prioritize vital skills to make us ready to interview, begin a new job well, and progress within the business.

Certified Front Desk Representative Training is a 2-day Certification Course plus practicum ($295 tuition includes instruction, AHLEI student manual, and certification exam)

Certified Restaurant Server Training is a 2-day Certification Course plus practicum ($295 tuition includes instruction, AHLEI student manual, and certification exam)


Enhanced Housekeeping Procedures

Good housekeeping practices have always been important to businesses, particularly lodging operations.

This course explores the basics and the enhanced procedures recommended for hospitality operations serving guests.

And see the STR Course Dates page for STR Certification Course and related Seminar dates

Virtual Team Meeting


The following information is supplied as a way for our course graduates to offer special promotional offers to each other. This is not an endorsement of a product or service---you need to do your own research into what is offered and other businesses that might also offer similar products or services. Do your research.

Sometimes we hear about special promotions offered by course graduates or supporters and we may post them here----















There are other products and services that are helpful to STR professionals. We will post links here for special promotional discounts they may offer. 

The site Editors do not accept payment or sponsorship funds for any products or services shared within this site.

NoiseAware offers discounted pricing using the following code (which may allow for a 50% discount for the first year of service):


or contact NoiseAware at

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