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Our Next STR Live Course Dates to be announced.

It's about Education!

This site contains resources for quality continuing education.

It's a place where

information can be shared among

STR Industry Professionals

Share information...about your STRs, Services, Agents...

You're not alone.

You are an STR Professional---part of

a valuable network!

When we host a home to guests for short stays, it's a business and some municipalities require licensing. There are other laws that apply to our industry and to sister industries, such as Real Estate.


Those of us who've been hosting homes for years have learned time-honored ways of maximizing profits while limiting our liability.

These skills can be learned

and shared.

Class discussions allow us to share information and build valuable networking relationships.


Our industry is emerging and experiencing rapid growth, disruptions, and wonderful innovations. New and even seasoned hosts must update our education to stay competitive.

Get Involved

This is a site for finding and sharing STR information.

It's still under construction (thank you for your patience). Please visit often to see updates. 

If you are an STR Certification Course Graduate, please send us information about your STR-related business. We have a Graduate Forum section for STR homes where you can link to your site or listing, and businesses that serve and work with STR owners and property managers. It's part of valuable networking.

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Working Together
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